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About us

Committed to remediate contaminated sites with processes and procedures developed to guarantee  the well-being of all

DIRTY DIRT SERVICES LTD, is a service provider for the use of Oil-Out and Fixed Earth products, creating custom batches of microbes for specific projects with heavier hydrocarbons contamination.


With over 20 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry and over 5 years in the field of remediation, the team at Dirty Dirt Services has developed processes and procedures for a wide variety of contaminated site scenarios, from Oil & Gas leases, brownfield municipal lots, and even an old illegal landfill site on Vancouver Island.


Over the years, we have responded to emergency spill scenarios, single well & oil battery site cleanups, and major “Legacy” remediation projects.  All projects have been a success, the largest variable being the length of time the treatments take for the microbes to remediate the required hydrocarbons. We have developed processes that enable us to remediate most projects In-Situ, instead of using equipment to dig up the contamination for disposal, because of this, the cost of cleanup is significantly reduced, usually removing the need for excavation, trucking, disposal, and new soil brought in to replace what was sent to disposal.

Due to the harsh environments of northern Canada, we have developed our processes in some of the worst scenarios that can be found. Extreme cold, high clay content in soil and remote sites only available with helicopters, are just a few of the hurdles that we can overcome. 

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